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Novi Resident,
Diane Smith

“I wholeheartedly endorse Ajay Raman for Novi Mayor. Novi deserves a mayor who refuses to take donations from builders and developers and will stop the overdevelopment”

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Novi Residents,
The Kasula Family

"Our family supports Dr. Ajay Raman! We have every confidence that Ajay would be an excellent mayor to help the Novi Community. He will bring the changes we need for this city."


Novi Resident,
Ratna Rao

"Ajay has the vision, determination and work ethic to make Novi a city where the young thrive, the older are content and those who grew up here choose to return.  I am delighted to endorse him as Novi’s next Mayor."


Novi Resident,
Neha Patel

“Ajay is a well respected professional and an upstanding member of the community. He (and his family) have always been passionate about promoting the values that Novi stands for and he will be an excellent mayor to take our city into the future with those values in mind. He will be a great leader for the community in terms of well planned development, adopting more programs for active lifestyles of residents and encouraging cultural diversity.”


Novi Resident,
Thomas Syriac

"I’ve known Dr Ajay Raman a long time and I was honestly not surprised that he’s running to make a difference, because that’s just  what he loves to do. He does not care about being somebody but rather doing right by our city and carving out a better place to live for all of us. As a fellow Novi small business owner and the father of young children I know it’s gotta be passion that drives him and I applaud him for that. Sujata his wife, a lawyer by training, is a wonderful person and just whom he needs by his side while he leads our city. I share his values and concerns and unequivocally support his bid for Mayor of Novi. "


Novi Resident,
Lisa Galas

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ajay for almost 5 years as we served together on the HOA for our subdivision. He is meticulous with finances and found changes to save our residents money. He listens to concerns brought forth and weighs every angle before responding back. Even with a busy schedule, Ajay is very dedicated to our residents. He takes the time to analyze the budget, discuss modifications with the management company, and propose changes for our subdivision.  He is a forward-thinker who wants the best for our community. Ajay is very personable and will not dismiss concerns brought forth. As Mayor, I’m confident that Ajay will be the true voice of Novi.”


Novi Resident,
Marian Mahoney

“I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Raman for Novi City Mayor. Novi deserves leadership that listens to the voices of our community. For too long Novi leadership has neglected their responsibility to the residents and has encouraged over-development.  Dr. Raman is a thoughtful and inclusive leader that will listen to and respond the residents of Novi.”


Novi Resident,
Jennifer Gibson

"As a resident in Novi I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Ajay Raman for close to ten years. Ajay exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness in all that he does.  He is always there with a smile, a listening ear and to lend a hand in whatever you need. I love that Ajay understands the importance of moving our city forward to create a stronger, better Novi for all. Without a doubt Dr. Ajay Raman is excellent candidate for mayor and has my support."


Novi Resident,
Punita Thurman

"Ajay is a leader with a vision for our city that I believe in.  He brings a fresh eye and a commitment to ensuring our city and its growth benefits all of us and is centered on leveraging all of the assets in our community.  I am proud to support him and will encourage our community to lean in and learn about all that he can offer."

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Novi Residents,
The Gallardo Family

"We fully support Dr. Ajay Raman. He is relatable as a family man with a sincere passion to listen to the people and bring fresh ideas to the table."


Novi Resident,
Geetika Pahuja

"I have known Ajay for almost 10 years, having been a teacher for both of his kids. I can say that as a community member, he was one of the best parents in recent memory; he assisted in organizing events, was always willing to volunteer and help the school and the staff, whenever possible.  I am sure he will be very helpful for the community as he is very genuine and empathetic by nature. I am sure if we choose him as our next Mayor, Ajay will certainly help the community grow."


Novi Residents,
The McNatt Family

“We fully support Dr. Ajay Raman.  We have known Ajay for over 10 years, and it has been a pleasure to watch him establish and expand into a successful businessman. With his determination, kindness, hard work, helping hand and reasoning skills he will get involved to lead Novi toward a better future - one where all Novi Residents can be proud to call Dr. Ajay Raman their Mayor!!"


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